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FMWhatsapp is mod apk version of Whatapp in which so many features are created by third-party mod apk creaters. FMWhatsapp provides so many features like Not showing online, hiding your status view from others, hiding typing and audio recording and so many things.
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18 November 2021
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Everybody knows, Whatapp is the most used social media platform. Nowadays there are only a few people who do not use Whatsapp. All others use Whatsapp. We are providing FMWhatsapp apk which is very impressive and more useful than the official WhatsApp apk, we’ll discuss about FMWhatsapp apk below.

Whatsapp is used in many ways as some people use it casually for social interaction. And some people use it to be connected to their loved ones like family, friends, or relatives. But a lot of people used Whatapp in business and to connect to their employees.

In this Covid-19 pandemic, Whatapp also helped educational institutions to conduct online classes. And also to connect students by making classwise groups and to providing notes in groups.

FMWhatsapp apk

Here we are providing FMWhatsapp which is very impressive to use. And full of the best of best features which will ease us to modify the Whatapp settings as you want. We will fully enjoy the features of FMWhatsapp which are not present in the original Whatapp apk.

About FM Whatapp APK

FMWhatsapp is mod apk version of Whatapp in which so many features are created by third-party mod apk creaters. FMWhatsapp provides so many features like Not showing online, hiding your status view from others, hiding typing and audio recording and so many things.

What Is FMWhatsapp APK?

FMWhatsapp apk also known as Fouad WhatsApp is a WhatsApp MOD app created by an independent developer called Fouad Mokdad. This application was launched to assist users in getting free of WhatsApp limitations and limits on over-use. Alongside the expansion of limitations, privacy and customizing features are also included within FM WhatsApp for Android.

Features of FMWhatsapp APK

There are a lot of features which are used and will ease many works. The most interesting feature is hiding online status which is a need of many people, so we are providing so many features like this so let’s see a brief on features of this FMWhatsapp apk..

FMWhatsapp apk features

Hide Online status

This is the most interesting and usable Feature of FMWhatsapp apk. You can hide your online status from others to stop them from letting know that you are online. When people see you online late night they ask that what were you doing online last night, which is quite awkward. But using this feature we can hide our online status.

Hide Last Seen

By using this feature of FMWhatsapp apk you can hide your last seen and also you can see last seen of others at the same time. In Whatapp official app there is a limitation that if you hide your Last seen you can also unable to see last seen of others but in in this FMWhatsapp apk there is no restrictions about last seen.

Hide view status

You can secretly watch the status of other people without letting them know that you have seen their status. They can’t see you name in their status views list. But in case you want to let them know that you have seen their status you can manually mark your view on their status.

Hide delivered and blue ticks 

You can hide delivered (double ticks) and blue ticks of the messages you receive, the sender will not know that you have received or seen their message. You can manually mark double ticks and blue ticks when you want to let them know that you have seen their message.

Hide typing and recording action text

In this FMWhatsapp apk you can hide your typing and recording action text from the people you chat. They can’t see your typing and recording action text in their chat.

Message anyone without saving their number

This feature of FMWhatsapp apk allow us to message anyone without saving their contact. Number. There is no need to save number to message someone.

FMWhatsapp apk privacy

Remove forwarded tag on messages

When we forward any message to someone there is a tag of forwarded message which shows that the message is forwarded but by using this feature we can hide tag forwarded message tag from the message we want to hide.

Privacy and App Lock Privacy and App Lock

Privacy options are the principal reasons people use WhatsApp MOD apps such as FMWhatsApp. You can block those blue ticks and the second ticks and typing status and record the status of your phone using 2021 FMWhatsApp.

If you download FMWhatsapp’s latest version, 2021, you will also be able to make it secure by locking the App with a PIN or pattern to secure it. These settings are accessible within the menu -> Settings -> Settings for Fouad.

Apply Privacy on calls

By using this feature we can apply Privacy on calls that means we can choose people who can call us in this FMWhatsapp apk.

See deleted status and messages

If someone sent and deleted any message, you can see that message after deletion of that message. Also you can watch deleted status of people after deletion of status.

Theme Customization

If you are bored of using ordinary theme of whatsapp, here in this FMWhatsapp apk you can customize the theme, font, chat colour etc as you want.

Media Sharing

You can download the APK FMWhatsapp 2021 to Android If you wish to remove WhatsApp media limitations. With FMWhatsApp, you’ll be able to share more than 30 photos at once and files as large as 700MB It could be documents, video audio, or any other type of file that you want to send via FMWhatsApp without issues. Join and Share WhatsApp Groups by using this site.

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Apart from the built-in emojis available within your keyboard application, You can also select the emoji type you’d like to integrate with FMWhatsApp. You can choose from Facebook, Stock, Emoji One v3, Emoji One v3 for Android, and many more. You need to download FMWhatsapp, the latest update, at the link below to use this feature.

Other Features Other Features We have only listed a handful of features you will enjoy after downloading the FMWhatsapp apk  on this page. Other than the mentioned features and features, you’ll also be in a position to:-

  • Up to 100 chats can be pinned (3 for WhatsApp’s official WhatsApp).

  • Filter calls to permit only certain numbers to call you.

  • The ability to disable message recall means that messages aren’t removed by the person who sent them.

  • You can use the application with no rooting on your Android device.

Comparison Whatsapp VS FMWhatsapp

Feature FMWhatsapp WhatsApp
Hide Online Status X
Airplane Mode X
Add Custom Fonts/Stickers X
Status Character Length Maximum 255 Maximum 139
Themes Supported X
DND Mode X
Freeze Last Seen X
Disable Forwarded Tag X
Disable/Customize Calling X
Anti-Delete Status/Messages X
Security Lock X
Fully Customize X

Pros and Cons FMWhatsapp apk

Pros of FMWhatsapp apk

The following are the benefits of this App.

  • It also has an anti-delete option that prevents recipients from erasing messages you have sent.
  • You can pick one of the themes from our library that has more than 1000 themes.
  • You can upload ten images within one email.
  • Share massive files that exceed 700 MB.


  • The most significant drawback to this App is the privacy aspect. Developers can see the messages you have sent and received. This can be a threat to your security. Developers could track your activities.
  • The second issue is the speed. The App’s functions are slower than the original App.

FMWhatsapp apk menu

Requirements of FMWhatsapp apk 

  • First of all, you have a wifi or mobile data connection.
  • Access to storage
  • Location access
  • Access to contacts and data
  • Can make call and video call 
  • camera access 
  • Microphone access

Information about backup in FMWhatsapp

Yes! users can also back up their data in this app follow the direction given below to backup your data:-

  • Open FMWhatsapp apk and search for the backup setting.
  • Now you can save your Whatsapp chat and media in internal or external storage.


Above we have discussed everything about FMWhatsapp apk so we get to know that, this FMWhatsapp is better and more useful then the official WhatsApp apk this breaks the limitations of privacy and provides alot of features. So download this apk and take advantages of ita fantastic features. To get more apks like this must visit our page

Be Safe Be Happy and enjoy your day.


Q. What is FMWhatsapp?

Ans. It is a modified version of the official Whatsapp app this apk provides some additional features.

Q. Is FMWhatsapp apk is safe.

Ans. Absolutely this apk is safe even I am using this apk for the last few months.

Q. Whatsapp account ban. 

Ans. No there is no ban issue.

Q. Do we have to upgrade FMWhatsapp?

Ans. Yes, if it is necessary then you can update your app.

Q. Can we use dual FMWhatsapp in one device?

Ans. Yes, you can use dual WhatsApp on one device.

What's new

🔹Fixed Whatsapp lock not working for pattern and PIN.
🔹Fixed random notification crash
🔹Fixed notification not showing for Hidden Chats
🔹Fixed Random crash while using IG Status style
🔹Fixed Hide Call Buttons from conversation action bar not working
🔹Fixed Mute Icon not showing for chats in groups tab
🔹Fixed Conversation Cards (multi chats) option not working
🔹Fixed Clicking on "WhatsApp" doesn't open hidden chats on some phones
🔹Fixed "Who can call me" options not choosing contacts properly
🔹Fixed APK not installing on Android 5
🔹Fixed random crash after registering phone number on some phones

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